Fans of small-screen weirdness rejoice! The Found Footage Film Festival Vol: 9 is coming to The Bread Shed on Mon 26 Aug for another night of grainy, VHS-based hilarity. Devised by The Onion writer Joe Pickett and The Colbert Report alum Nick Prueher, this popular comedy event returns to Manchester City Centre to showcase a new selection of footage found by its hosts at various thrift stores, garage sales, warehouses and dumpsters. This year, Pickett and Prueher will provide a running commentary and where-are-they-now segments to accompany VHS finds like the 1987 Miss Junior America Wisconsin pageant, a mysterious tape labeled ‘bonion sergery’, home movies taken at a Canadian hose factory and a fitness video called Jugglercise. Always a cult hit among fans, The Found Footage Film Festival started in New York in 2004 and has gone on to sell-out shows across America, Canada and the UK. Tickets for the Manchester leg of Pickett and Prueher’s tour are priced at £12.00 and available now.

Mon 26 Aug
The Bread Shed, 126 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL
, 0161 273 1471, £12
Simon Bland
Published on:
Mon 5 Aug 2019