Promising a thought-provoking ‘ layered audio-visual experience’ packed with detailed observations on British identity and all its discordant cultures, Keisha Thompson’s 14% explores racism, national heritage and the concept of belonging through the lens of football at Contact from Sat 14-Sat 28 Oct.

Set amongst euphoric frenzy of the Lionesses’ European glory, the multi-sensory production follows British footballer Nadia and her unborn, unnamed Baby. Taking place within the confines of a joyous post-match train carriage, 14% offers a ‘claustrophobic snapshot’ of the conflicting ideologies which define our country, as Nadia encounters racism, media-fed uncertainty and xenophobic anxiety while eavesdropping on the various beliefs of other passengers during her journey home.

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Sat 14 Oct - Sat 28 Oct, 7.45pm, Contact Theatre,
Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6JA
, Tel: 0161 274 0600, From £10
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Fri 13 Oct 2023