A decent club runner can complete the London marathon in under 3 hours – whether any film buff will be about to complete this 24 hour Noir-athon remains to be seen. Being screened over the course of an entire day, The Cornerhouse is showing 11 films back to back to launch their new series, My Noir – which, in turn, is inspired by Double Indemnity, one of the films chosen for this event. If spending the whole day watching cynical cops, sexual undertones and highly stylised black-and-white celluloid doesn’t appeal, don’t fret – there are single showing tickets available, as well as a four-film offer, too. A mix of classic era noir – The Big Sleep, Out of the Past – and modern twists upon the formula – Brick, Wild Things – this acts as both a tour-de-force of the genre as well as a 101 for any newcomers. For the entire list of films on display, see below.

Sat 14 Sep – Sun 15 Sep, 70 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5NH, 2pm – 2pm, Full day £44/£38.50 concs, 4 films £22/£20 concs, Individual films £7.50/£5.50 concs, http://tickets.cornerhouse.org/ (Full and 4 film tickets only available in person or over the phone. Tel: 0161 200 1500)

Note: The Box Office will close at 21:00 on Sat 14 September and will reopen at 09:00 on Sun 15 September. Tickets for films that take place between these times must be purchased and collected before the box office closes.

Film Listings & Start Times

Double Indemnity, 14 Sep, 2pm
The Killers, 14 Sep, 4.10pm
Stray Dog, 14 Sep, 6.30pm
Bound, 14 Sep, 8.55pm
Brick, 14 Sep, 11.05pm
Wild Things, 15 Sep, 1.10am
Night Moves,  15 Sep, 3.15am
Insomnia, 15 Sep, 5.15am
Gilda, 15 Sep, 7.10am
Out of the Past, 15 Sep, 10am
The Big Sleep, 15 Sep, 12pm

Sat 14 Sep - Sun 15 Sep
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sat 14 Sep 2013