Haunt MCR, a new coffee, cocktail and aperitivo bar, has arrived on Manchester’s Peter Street. Soft launching from Monday 14 June, Haunt MCR will be offering delicious coffee from sun up and refreshing cocktails and dry wines by sun down, all in an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere as visitors perch on the venue’s lush quartz-topped surfaces.

Currently open with COVID restrictions in place and a limited menu, the venue will soon launch properly to serve its staple stuzzichini – an informal finger food – alongside a breakfast offering and traditional Italian pastries.

Catering to the full day experience, Haunt MCR aims to fill your hours with quality food and drink. Begin the day with a Haunt coffee, supplied by North star – an exceptional continental European blend which will perfectly accompany your morning. Then before dinner, a selection of aperitivo drinks – including a selection of spritzes like Aperol Spritz and Tarragon Spritz – may pique your fancy.

To finish the night and see you through to the early hours, a list of classic cocktails such as Negronis, Boulevardier, Gin Martini and Espresso Martini are on offer.If cocktails aren’t your style, perhaps Haunt’s selection of exclusively Italian wines are? Either way, you’ll find them behind the bar.

For more information, check out Haunt MCR’s Instagram via the link below.


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Fri 18 Jun, Haunt,
58 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3NQ

Jessica Cooper
Published on:
Fri 18 Jun 2021