Instituto Cervantes Manchester continues its eclectic summer cultural programme with A night in Al-Andalus — a concert that showcases the sounds of Sephardic and historic Jewish musical instruments from all over the Mediterranean area. 

The evening will explore the traditional music of the rich historical period, including Sephardic, Turkish, Greek and Occitan hymns.

The show incorporates songs from Sephardic and Jewish communities who left Spain and wove their fortunes and destinies on Iberian soil, in houses and palaces as well as in streets, and squares.

Considered one of the most excellent ambassadors for the Sephardic and medieval culture, Mara Aranda sings Turkish, Greek and Occitan hymns, known for transmitting a strong emotional charge to audiences.

Her work highlights the female composers of the Middle Ages, the ‘trobairitz’, which has been performed for the first time since being composed in the 11th-12th centuries, a musicalisation of the complete corpus.

Guests can also expect poetry and dance celebrating Mediterranean rituals, inspired by the historical events that took place at the end of old Europe involving Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.

Thu 7 Jul, 7pm, St Ann's Church,
44 St Ann Street, Manchester M2 7LF
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Mon 4 Jul 2022