Solitude, an experimental film about cult icon Nico will get a special screening at Manchester’s indie cinema Cultplex this summer.

The film, which has been given a new musical score, will be shown alongside a live performance of the new musical arrangement on Sat 15 Jun.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion about the life of Nico with some of those who knew the artist well.

Since Solitude was originally released in 2022, a new soundtrack for the film has been created by composer, electronic producer and long-time collaborator of Nico, Gagarin (Graham Dowdall).

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker and artist, Nina Danino, Solitude is a continuation of a long exploration into ‘the singer’ as a privileged figure who can access and express both collective and individual profound emotion.

After the screening, a panel will discuss Nico’s life and years in Manchester and her status as an artist. The panel will include both of Nico’s biographers Richard Witts and Jennifer Otter Bickerdyke and two of her managers and friends, Phil Jones, and Nigel Bageley. The segment will be hosted by broadcaster, author and cultural commentator John Robb.

Nina Danino, director of Solitude, said: “I am really excited to be showing Solitude in Manchester – a special place for Nico’s life story, as it is where she re-launched her career as a touring musician with her band The Faction. I’m looking forward to showcasing the excellent work of Graham Dowdall who has created new arrangements for Nico’s songs in a haunting electronic soundtrack.

“Nico is such a powerful artist, she has been a guide and spirit throughout to me. It’s incredible to have worked with her collaborators and friends, who will also share their insights of Nico at what will be a special evening.”

Best known for her collaboration with the legendary rock band The Velvet Underground, Nico (real name Christa Päffgen) first rose to prominence in the 1960s when she became associated with Andy Warhol’s art collective, The Factory. It would be Warhol who introduced Nico to The Velvet Underground, paving the way for one of the most famed collaborations in rock history.

During the final years of her life, Nico lived in Manchester and Salford. She became an key figure of the Manchester music scene, releasing work with legendary producer Martin Hannet.

Tickets for the screening are on sale now and can be purchased using the button below.

Sat 15 Jun, Cultplex,
50 Red Bank, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M4 4HF
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Mon 22 Apr 2024