Following the release of his incredible new album, (Extended) Bliss, pianist RIOPY appears at The Stoller Hall for one night only on Fri 3 Feb.

Born in rural France and raised in an oppressive, insular cult, Jean Phillipe RioPy taught himself to play on an abandoned piano at age two, formulating songs in his head as an escape from both his restrictive environment and OCD anxieties.

“I understood tones, sounds and numbers, because I’d always been counting,” he says. “Playing piano was the only place I felt safe.”

After a decade of travelling which involved a number of ‘fateful encounters’ – including Coldplay’s Chris Martin giving him a piano – RIOPY began to compose music for cinema and adverts while continuing to suffer with chronic depression. He channelled the raw vulnerability of his ongoing struggle into two staggeringly successful albums, RIOPY and Tree of Light, cumulatively achieving over 450 million streams worldwide. His latest album, (Extended) Bliss, launched on Warner Classics to widespread critical acclaim.

To book your tickets to RIOPY’s one-off performance at The Stoller Hall, click here.

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Fri 3 Feb, 7.30pm, The Stoller Hall,
Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1DA
, Tel: 0333 130 0967, £26
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Tue 3 Jan 2023