Coming to HOME on Fri 14 Oct, mesmeric new film All That Breathes explores humanity, inter-species coexistence and environmental toxicity through the story of ‘the kite brothers’ as they devote their lives to protecting a majestic bird of prey which has been falling from the polluted New Delhi skies at increasingly alarming rates.

Winner of Best Documentary at Cannes Film Festival and described as ‘a soaring visual masterpiece’ by ReaderAll That Breathes follows Nadeem and Saud as they spend every waking hour in their makeshift avian basement hospital, caring for injured black kites amid ecological crisis and social unrest in one of the world’s most populous cities. Essential to New Delhi’s fragile ecosystem, the black kite features as a symbol both of urgent environmental demands and the capacity for connection between human and animal in the face of an existential threat to all life on Earth.

Lauded as ‘a remarkable, vital work of cinema’ by Sight and Sound, All That Breathes is an urgent, necessary piece of film which, through charting the quixotic efforts of two brothers, masterfully considers our planet’s future.

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Fri 14 Oct, HOME,
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Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Mon 10 Oct 2022