At which point does history become historical? For the most recent exhibition at PAPER Gallery, two artists will expose moments in time that they are looking at from the present articulated through the medium of paint. Leeds based artist Phil Hopkins and Cardiff based artist James Moore each take a unique stance in relation to historical events; whilst Phil Hopkins will be displaying work that is influenced by recent media coverage on Syria, James Moore will be focusing on his local history in Cardiff, a subject which is not under the world’s spotlight, but is occurring right under his nose, so to speak. In this joint exhibition, the media and the memory become the intermediate states between how we perceive the world and what is actually unfolding. Dealing with issues of representation and appropriation, both artists are painting from a scene that they have not seen, hence the title of the exhibition: Generation Loss.

Thu 16 Apr, then every Sat 18 Apr – Sat 30 May, PAPER Gallery, 14-20 Mirabel Street, Manchester, M3 1PJ, times vary, private view Thu 16 Apr, 6-9 pm, FREE,

Sat 18 Apr - Sat 30 May
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Sun 19 Apr 2015