Paul Cézanne was one of the most highly regarded painters of the 19th century, and was an inspiration to both Matisse and Picasso. Thanks to a generous loan, the Whitworth Art Gallery now holds one of the country’s largest collections of works by the great man. The pieces will go on display at a major exhibition which launches later this month. It will focus on the artist’s works on paper, and will showcase a version of every one of the prints he produced. The aim is to give insight into the complexity of his practice and the dedication to overcoming his artistic limitations. Visitors will see how he developed a distinctive print technique, from early sketches inspired by the Old Masters, through to experiments with lithography. The latter process will be explored through multiple versions the famous work The Bathers (pictured). Some of the other pieces are quite rare: they were never exhibited during Cézanne’s lifetime, only being discovered after his death.

Sat 24 Aug - Sun 1 Mar, The Whitworth Art Gallery ,
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6ER
, Tel: 0161 275 7450, Free, 10am – 5pm/9pm (Thu)
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Tue 6 Aug 2019