This upcoming May, a new community street art trail is set to brighten up Old Trafford, featuring the designs of local artists and organised by OT Creative Space. These artists have created a total of six individual large-scale murals, which will soon be painted on walls and buildings in the area, such as Seymour Park and a takeaway pizza shop, rejuvenating the area with a bit of colour.

The artists included in this exciting project include Robert Lomas, Jamie Rennie, Sam Owen Hull, Russ Meehan, Martene Rouke and Isaiah Hull, who will create a piece of spoken word to connect the murals. The entire trail will be linked together via a downloadable audio tour, making the street art sites more accessible and interactive.

The road to the art trail was bumpy, to say the least, as it was originally destined to hold workshops in schools, residential homes and other community settings. In an effort to maximise community engagement throughout lockdown, the art trail transformed into 300 creative packs, a number of Zoom activities and other interactive displays in the window of OT Creative space on Ayres Road. For more information, visit the OT Creative website.

Tue 13 Apr, Various locations across Old Trafford
Jessica Cooper
Published on:
Tue 13 Apr 2021