Recently relocating to Manchester, the esteemed Gizeh Records (home to A-Sun Amissa, Fieldhead and Aidan Baker) makes its first foray into promoting with recent Rune Grammofon signees Astrïd, performing in the intimate surroundings of The Castle. Those fanatical about Rune Gram will know how rare it is to find an artist on the label outside of the Scandinavian region – but Astrïd present a beautiful and bewitching anomaly to one of the most inspiring labels in recent memory. Hailing from Nantes, the quartet weave a spell of subtlety and texture, a delicate interplay between chamber rock, rustic folk influences and ghostly improvisation, forming a shimmering and evolving sound that calls to mind late period Talk Talk, Richard Skelton, Arvo Part and The Rachel’s, whom the group have frequently played with. Using clarinet, guitar, violin and martial-like drums, the timberal quality of these instruments combining creates an atmospheric space that is easy to get lost in. Haunting and extremely beautiful. In support is a freshly formed trio including one of Manchester’s most in-demand drummers Andrew Cheetham (Easter, LoneLady, Birchall/Cheetham duo), electroacoustic experimenter Danny Saul (Wode, Easter) and David McLean (founder of Tombed Visions Records). Expect a lurking beast of electronics, unique drumming, sax wailing and broken guitar. For those predisposed to these kind of sounds, you’ll be on to an absolute winner.

Wed 29 Jul, The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, M4 1LE, Tel: 0161 237 9485, 8pm, £4,

Mon 29 Jul
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Sun 28 Jul 2013