Both the promoters of new talent, Group Therapy and XS Malarkey’s delightful dear leader Toby Hadoke are combining to bring you their favourite acts you might not have heard of before. Champions of emerging brilliance, they have both stared at the comedy scene and found those that deserve a bigger audience – one that includes you. Running for just over a year, Group Therapy at Gorilla has proved it has a keen eye for talent with star turns from the likes of Simon Munnery, Liam Williams and even Adam Buxton. So this ‘Magnificent Seven’ is sure to be just that: featuring, as it does, Garrett Millerick, Sarah Cassidy, Callum Scott, Tom Appleton, Danny Sutcliffe, Red Redmond and, of course, MC Toby Hadoke. As a special treat, there will be a limited number of half price tickets (only a FIVER!) available for a window of just a few short hours – from 3pm until 5pm today (Wed 14 May). So if you love comedy and live in or around the city, this is something you should pounce upon. For the offer only lasts until the clock strikes FIVE. Just click on the link below and be quick-smart about it!

Sat 31 May, Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street, M1 5WW, Tel: 0161 407 0301, 8pm, £10,

Sat 31 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Thu 29 May 2014