If you’ve ever been in a pub that provides its patrons with decent real ale you’ll notice the pride of place its previous pump clips take about the bar. They provide a glimpse of the past, of beers imbibed and memories made. To celebrate this passion of collecting the paraphernalia that goes with beer production – be it labels, beer mats, bottle caps, bottles, cans, towels and promotional accessories – Common have been collecting their fair share for the years that they have been slinging cask and craft ales, and with the help of sister bar Port Street Beer House, they have gathered together a collection of items from right across the pantheon of brewing, lovingly curated to illustrate the history and cultural significance of our national beverage. These pieces have been contributed by several collections throughout the country and will be on display as a part of a national tour of these artefacts. We hope they illuminate the past, present and future of beer and, given the place beer holds in our national psyche, the future for society. Alongside this, PSBH have commissioned photographer Rebecca Lupton to take a tour of beer festivals across the land and capturing the colourful characters housed within. The launch of the exhibition will take the form of a pub crawl between the two drinking spots – a perfect way to launch the exhibition, and a great way to prepare for next weekend’s Indy Man Beer Con.

Thu 3 Oct, starts at Port Street Beer House, 39-41 Port Street, M1 2EQ. Tel: 0161 237 9949, 5.30pm and continues at Common, 39 Edge Street, M4 1HW. Tel: 0161 832 9245, 7pm – 9pm, FREE

Thu 3 Oct
John Stansfield
Published on:
Thu 3 Oct 2013