The disappearance last month of Trof Fallowfield was lamented for all of five minutes before Fallow rose from the ashes, phoenix-like in its glory – albeit a phoenix that looked eerily familiar, and will continue to pedal the best in alternative Mancunia, bucking the trend of pandering to Fallowfield’s generic student populace. It is with this ethos that they entrust up-and-coming promoters Cheesus Crust (phenomenal name) with throwing a gig billed as ‘punk jammin’, toe tappin’, thigh slappin’, super happy fun time’. We already want to be there. Bands from across the nation will be descending upon Fallow – for this outing, for example, Sheffield surf-poppers Best Friends will headline, having stormed Brown Brogues’ last party at The Castle. Helping out with the super fun times will be Owestry’s two-piece punk outfit Furrow plus Brighton’s Ancient Times. Self-proclaimed ‘surf bitches’, Beach Skulls from Liverpool will also be on the bill, and expect some spoken wordery from Zach Roddis. Provided Fallow keeps putting on gigs of this calibre, they will be busy for many years to come.

Tue 20 Aug, Fallow Café, 2a Landcross Road, Fallowfield, M14 6NA, 6pm, £4 OTD,

Tue 20 Aug
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 18 Jun 2013