If you’re looking to expand your mind and learn more about our world in the new year, Manchester Lit & Phil, the city’s historic hub of big ideas, invites you to come along to their intellectually stimulating events.

All are welcome, and you will be encouraged to get involved in exploring ideas by trading in opinions and participating in conversations, led by an engaging, inspirational programme of regular talks.

The Lit & Phil’s programme tackles our society’s most urgent issues, and promises to both entertain and energise with illuminating discussions about everything from arts, culture and politics to philosophy, science and technology.

The world’s second oldest learned society, founded by renowned physician, moralist and non-conformist Thomas Percival, Manchester Lit & Phil boasts an illustrious history of noteworthy members and beneficiaries who became immensely significant figures in scientific revolution and contemporary thought, including pioneering polymath John Dalton, Manchester Liberal Association founder Richard Pankhurst, Nobel Prize-winning physics professor Ernest Rutherford and many more.

Today, Manchester Lit & Phil continues to thrive as an inclusive vanguard of knowledge and ideas, where anyone who wants to broaden their intellectual horizons is encouraged to join as a member and enjoy an array of esteemed speakers as they explore a broad array of subjects across classical thought and contemporary conundra.

But you don’t need to become a member to go to their events – they are open and accessible to anyone interested in exploring ideas, and no specialist knowledge is required. Manchester Lit & Phil offers a thrilling schedule of talks both online and in-person in the new year, including new perspectives on the Enlightenment, artistic responses to marine plastic pollution, human self-image and hubris in a fathomless universe and even the medieval subtext of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Check out the full lecture programme, and become a member here.

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Manchester Lit & Phil,
Jactin house, COLONY, 24 Hood St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6WX
, Tel: 07312 090503
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Tue 19 Dec 2023