In the future, when filmmakers are trying to soundtrack a scene set in the early noughties, many will undoubtedly get bored and opt for The Coral’s Dreaming of You: And why wouldn’t they? It’s an unbearably catchy tune that, against the backdrop of guitar purists like The Libertines, set the agenda for the next decade in music. When guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones departed the group in 2009, they limped along plying their own brand of Merseypop, and now boast the title being one of the few indie bands to make it to the present. Ryder-Jones could’ve easily faded into obscurity, but instead returned with an orchestral solo effort in 2011 called ‘If’, to near-universal praise. He never toured the album – possibly due to practicalities of dragging the Liverpool Philharmonic around the country – until now, where it’s presented in full with backing from the Manchester Cameratera. Taking place in Manchester Cathedral, this one-off performance gives fans an opportunity to hear the album as it was intended: With strings and grandeur and not a catchy chorus in sight. His compositions are brought to life by conductor Timothy Redmond and the piece contains pre-recorded spoken word extracts from the actor John Simm. This isn’t Ryder-Jones at his poppiest, but it would take a colder heart than mine not to find some feeling in this subtle and beautiful piece. And something tells me that if find the feeling, I ought to pass it on.

Thu 9 Oct, Manchester Cathedral, Victoria St, M3 1SX, 8pm, from £7 ,

Thu 9 Oct
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Sun 5 Oct 2014