Black Submarine is a band comprised of the creative engines of The Verve, Goldfrapp/Coldplay and Portishead, together their diversity brings a sound much unlike anything produced on the guitar scene at the moment. Nick McCabe (guitar) and Simon Jones (bass) formally of The Verve are the driving force and bring to the fold deep layers of psychedelia and some trip-hop elements similar to the heavier Massive Attack tracks; the other big name is Davide Rossi, the string virtuoso behind Coldplay and Goldfrapp who contributes a lot of the tension and even vocals alongside the talented newcomer Amelia Tucker. This is their second visit to Manchester since the release of their debut album New Shores (recording was in part funded by contributing to the sound track of the Micky Rourke film Java Heat) which moves along an emotive spectrum, from heavy industrial numbers to string led hazy jams. Expect the live show to take you on a journey with plenty of peaks and troughs from a group of musicians seemingly making the music they always wanted to.

Fri 3 Oct, The Ruby Lounge, 28-34 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QB. Tel: 0161 834 1392, 7.30pm, £19.80,

Fri 3 Oct
Jonathon Butterworth
Published on:
Sun 28 Sep 2014