The mysterious and murky history of Ancoats is set to be uncovered in the first theatre production from Manchester’s brand new arts organisation HOME. Angel Meadow promises to be an explosive and searing theatrical performance held in a secret location deep within Manchester’s own ‘dark continent’ – an area famed for its role in the industrial revolution and the violence of the scuttling gangs of working class Manchester. Produced by ANU Productions, the event is a promenade performance that promises to immersive in nature and encompassing all senses. As a result, the gritty, underground tales of the displaced Irish, fearsome youth cults and desperate girl rippers will demand comfortable clothes – plus nerves of steel. The multi-sensory nature of the production is common to ANU, the Dublin-based company that has won multiple awards for their cross-pollination of visual art installations, physical theatre and dance in order to create unconventional and intense performances. Angel Meadow runs for just under two weeks this June with several performances each day. Tickets are selling fast – with the first few days already sold out – but fear not as new dates have just been added. Prepare yourself for a raw encounter with Ancoats’ history, fuelled by adrenaline, the divine and total immersion.

Tue 10 – Sun 29 Jun, Meet at the Cutting Room Square in Ancoats, Tel: 0161 200 1500, Various times, £15 – £22 (£10 conc and 10 Jun preview),

Tue 10 Jun - Sun 29 Jun
Nancy Dent
Published on:
Sun 8 Jun 2014