It started out as a hobby; a way to share his love of African music unknown in the West and perhaps earn some recognition for some of those musicians he admired. When Brooklyn-based Brian Shimkovitz started uploading the tapes he collected during his travels in Africa to his blog (Awesome Tapes from Africa), he could not have expected how popular it would become. Fast forward 10 years and Awesome Tapes from Africa is a respected repository of obscure African music, and Shimkovitz is re-issuing those tapes to a Western audience via his own independent record label by day, and DJs at events across the world by night. These DJ nights are becoming legendary, with Shimkovitz playing exclusively from his original tapes, so it’s a unique opportunity to hear and dance to something new.

Sat 2 Aug, Soup Kitchen, Spear Street, M1 1DF, Tel: 0161 236 5100, 11pm – 4am, £7,

Sat 2 Aug
Frank Balmer
Published on:
Wed 30 Jul 2014