It’s been 35 years since Chic released their eponymous debut LP, but Nile Rodgers (pictured) and co. are enjoying an increasingly celebrated profile in 2013, and rightly so. The Ritz will host the legendary band for this rare Manchester trip – a small venue for this big show, and a great opportunity to see one of the most important bands in contemporary music. The live show promises to be an uplifting occasion. Chic’s famous guitar-driven r’n’b and disco needs no introduction; their back catalogue is cheering just thinking about it, and their tour band – resplendent with brass, bass, percussion and vocals – sit perfectly behind Rodgers’ omnipresent guitar licks. Rodgers, the genial figurehead and subject of recent BBC4 documentary simply titled ‘The Hitmaker’, is the star here. The 60-year-old is a busy man: his latest project, collaborating with Daft Punk on their anticipated new album, is testament to his on-going stature. Make no mistake; this sold out show on Whitworth Street is a highlight of 2013.

Wed 29 May, The Ritz, Whitworth St West, M1 5NQ, Tel: 0161 236 3234, 7pm, £29.50 adv,

Wed 29 May
Sam Swaffield
Published on:
Mon 20 May 2013