DJ Sprinkles flies in from her Tokyo home for a one-off event in Manchester’s Gay Village. Sprinkles, aka US-born Terri Thaemlitz, started out in New York’s underground queer club scene, and has released a discography covering 20 years of experimental, ambient and house. An identity activist and critical music producer, Sprinkles infuses her work with political intent, weaving subversive elements into her tracks. Previous sets have been highly considered, moulding warm and gently melodic deep house with jazzy tones mixed into the fray. Supporting DJ Sprinkles in Sub 101 (the basement of Cruz 101) will be local Manchester DJs Macca, Kim Lana, Persona and Los Angeles. DJs Tom and Jorkes will also be coming across from Munich and Vienna respectively for a night that promises to be a first for the Gay Village. There’s already plenty of interest, so book ahead.

Thu 15 Mar, Sub 101 (under Cruz 101), 101 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD, 9pm – 5am, £12 – £15.

Thu 15 Mar - Fri 16 Mar
Olivia Rye
Published on:
Thu 15 Mar 2018