Tickets for a second screening of new Stone Roses doc, Made of Stone, directed by Shane Meadows, quickly sold out, after a first batch  went just as speedily earlier this ytear. If you’ve got tickets, the screening will include a live introduction by the director, with the film tracing the band’s reunion last summer, including footage of their rambunctious shows at Heaton Park. Made of Stone will be released nationwide on Wednesday 5 June. The Stone Roses wrote some of the most influential music of the 1980s and early 1990s on their debut record, The Stone Roses (1989), which epitomised the Madchester sound yet came imbued with a folk-like reverence for rhythm and melody. Here’s hoping the naked guy made the cut.

Thu 30 May, Victoria Warehouse, Trafford Road, M17 1AB. Tel: 0161 660 7000 , 11pm, £20,

Thu 30 May
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Wed 17 Apr 2013