Embroiled in a legal tiff over name-related issues with American pop-duo The Twigs, Tahliah Barnett was forced to prefix her nickname with FKA (formerly known as) before releasing her second EP with Young Turks. After Jessa Kanda cast her spell on FKA Twigs’ video (below) for first single, Water Me, last year (she slowly transforms into something alien-like; not suitable for minds in altered states), the Guardian dubbed her as ‘the UK’s best example to date of ethereal, twisted R&B’. Similar to label-mates The xx, FKA Twigs’ sound is deeply heady, but with sparse and delicate trip-hop percussion laid under expansive and all-consuming vocals.

Wed 30 Jul, The Dancehouse, 10A Oxford Road, M1 5QA, Tel: 0161 237 1413, 8.30pm, £10, www.sandbag.uk.com

Wed 30 Jul
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Tue 1 Jul 2014