Seventies slasher flick Halloween might have become a classic horror movie staple, but few are quite so familiar with the rest of director John Carpenter’s oeuvre. Grimm Up North and The Dancehouse pay tribute to the cult master with an entire season of his films – opening on Friday 23 May with They Live, where aliens and political satire combine with one of of the greatest fight scenes ever filmed. Escape From New York – with its definitive Carpenter-scored syth sountrack – shows on Thursday 5 June, before utterly absurd martial arts cult classic Big Trouble in Little China screens on Thursday 26 June. Arctic shocker The Thing concludes the season on Thursday 17 July. Check it out – movie buffs can even pick up a bargain £20 season ticket covering all 4 events.

Fri 23 May – Thu 17 Jul, The Dancehouse, 10A Oxford Road, M1 5QA, Tel: 0161 237 1413, £6 per film or £20 for a season pass,

Fri 23 May - Thu 17 Jul
Laura Scott
Published on:
Sun 18 May 2014