Not exactly what it says on the tin, Workshy is Katy Baird’s self-reflective soliloquy based on her life’s labours. Sharing her time between artistry, activism and service sector employment, London-based Baird has fitted in writing, directing and starring in a witty and thoughtful piece of theatre that’s heading north to Sale’s Waterside Arts Centre this November. She seeks to explore the reasons why people do what they do for work, musing on anecdotes and analogies from the pragmatic necessities to the ethical implications. She’s trodden several of the UK’s stages with the show, in order to present ideas, share humorous viewpoints and highlight the politics of class and identity at play.

Thu 17 Nov, Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside Plaza, Sale, M33 7ZF, Tel: 0161 912 5616, 8pm, £8-10,

Thu 17 Nov
Ian Pennington
Published on:
Tue 15 Nov 2016