Soulful singer-songwriter Robert Finley has been performing for over five decades, though his breakthrough debut album only came two years ago in the shape of ‘Age Don’t Mean A Thing’. Based in the remote, quaint town of Bernice, Louisiana, Finley is self-taught and played by ear from the age of ten, but it was his time playing with a US army band in 1970 where he refined his sound. Following his time with the military, Finley has spent his life playing semi-professionally and it was chance meeting with the Music Maker Relief Foundation, an organisation that proves support to older and underprivileged musicians, that resulted in the release of his 2016 debut. Since them, the Americana songsmith soon caught the attention of The Black Key’s Dan Auerbach and was quickly dubbed “the greatest living soul singer” by musician, who went on to produce Finley’s sophomore album ‘Goin’ Platinum!’ last year.

Wed 28 Nov, Band On The Wall, 25 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JZ, Tel: 0161 834 1786, 7:30pm, £15,

Wed 28 Nov
Rich Holmes
Published on:
Mon 19 Nov 2018