Cheese is a fantastic food. From its humble beginnings of milk, salt and culture comes thousands of varieties with an astonishing array of tastes, aromas, colours and textures. But how can you go about discovering these beauties? Easy: Homage2Fromage. These guys run monthly events dedicated to giving people the chance to enjoy and celebrate great cheese. Forget tiny cubes with a posh glass of wine – here, people help themselves to huge wheels of cheese in a fun, informal and social night – whilst drinking whatever they like. Each month features a different theme: it could be French, Scottish, Alpine or New Cheese – perhaps even their famous festive cheese board – and dishes are served whole, allowing you to carve off your own all-you-can-eat portions. Once your plate’s full of cheese, bread, fruit and chutney – you’re invited to tuck in before finding out the names – and a few fun facts – about the delicious cheeses you’ve just enjoyed. For their November event, Homage2Fromage is adopting the theme of New Cheese – presenting punters with some of the most innovative picks they’ve discovered over the past 12 months. With Christmas on the horizon, the team behind this cheesy venture have two events planned – one in the Northern Quarter and one in Didbury – and both featuring their ultimate cheese board. Tickets are flying fast, so don’t hang about.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Mon 18 Nov, 7pm - 9pm, Pie & Ale ,
47 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN
, Tel: 0161 228 1610, From £14
Simon Bland
Published on:
Thu 31 Oct 2019