Not averse to ruffling political feathers, Mark Thomas has been shaking the establishment with his incendiary shows for over two decades – but now he aims to commit 100 Acts of Minor Dissent over the course of a year. The task ends on 13 May 2014, so join him just after the halfway point as he regales his audience with the results of these public infractions from the smallest altercation to the grandest confrontation. Having included a sold-out, month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe, he catalogues the results of his subversive, mainly legal, inspiring but most of all hilarious antics since he started his task in May of this year. Mischievous activism at its finest, Mark Thomas continues to rile against the system even at the tender age of 50 – he sticks to his philosophies of libertarian anarchy, and is self-aware enough to realise the ridiculousness of it all. Make sure you see this show, but if you are too busy, he will return in February to The Met in Bury (Wed 5 Feb 2014, 8pm, £10 – £15, more info) with even more tales of minor dissent.

Tue 26 Nov, Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside, Sale, M33 7ZF. Tel: 0161 912 5616, 7.30pm, £10/15,

Tue 26 Nov
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 24 Nov 2013