Band on the Wall welcome multi-instrumentalist, Adam Ben Ezra, for a headline performance on Sunday 9 February. Known for his virtuoso double bass playing – which is inspired by both classical and contemporary influences – Adam Ben Ezra is innovative with what that traditional instrument can achieve, even commissioning a rare 5-string double bass that gives his sound a unique depth. In performance, Adam Ben Ezra incorporates a bold combination of loop and effects pedalboards, meaning he can generate a full orchestral sound by layering multiple instruments, including piano, clarinet, flute and beatboxing – which he moves between freely. Whether he’s performing bold interpretations of jazz standards or his own versatile compositions (released on his acclaimed records such as 2017’s Pin Drop and 2015’s Can’t Stop Running), Adam Ben Ezra is a true master of his craft and this is a perfect opportunity to catch him at the inimitable surroundings of Band on the Wall, where he’ll be playing material from his upcoming record, Hide and Seek, which will be released in March 2020.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Sun 9 Feb, 7pm, Band on the Wall,
25 Swan Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 5JZ
, Tel: 0161 834 1786, From £11
Edward Lane
Published on:
Wed 15 Jan 2020