Aug 29 1994 witnessed the release of a British rock album for the ages, a record that to date has sold over 8 million copies and will Definitely Maybe be one that’s sitting in your tape, CD or vinyl collection. Manchester’s own Oasis smashed their way to the top of the UK charts with their first studio album in true rock ‘n’ roll star fashion, with the unforgettable, ‘Definitely Maybe’. The album which features monumental tracks like; Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Live Forever, Supersonic, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Slide Away. To celebrate the record’s 25th anniversary, you can catch the album performed live in its entirety by one of London’s finest 10-piece brass band ensembles, the Old Dirty Brasstards later this month. The Brasstards will be ‘brassting’ out these iconic tracks at the 02 Ritz on Aug 29, with tickets starting from just £16.50.The evening offers up a brassy reinterpretation of a truly bold and iconic album on its silver anniversary. The performance will hear the record’s sophisticated vocals and enduring guitar riffs re-imagined with a new unique twist, as the 10-piece band orchestrate what will be an unforgettable and unmissable evening.

Thu 29 Aug, 7.30pm, The O2 Ritz ,
Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 5NQ
, Tel: 0161 714 4140, £18.66 – £22.62
Damon Ashton
Published on:
Fri 16 Aug 2019