Owen Pallett is a virtuoso whose disciplines include composer, violinist, keyboardist and vocalist, and he’s had his hand in many pies. With roots in classical music, he’s contributed to  video games, films (he was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Spike Jonze’s Her) and records for a vast spectrum of artists such as The National, Pet Shop Boys and recently a long-anticipated release by Daphni. Pallett tours in support of his second LP, In Conflict, under his own name – having previously recorded under the moniker Final Fantasy. The listener can be comforted by the knowledge that this record has been rigorously refined; having been made three times and cut down from thirty tracks. The result is a mournful and moving album, which features Brian Eno as a guest vocalist. With strong credentials (Pallett is also a long-time touring member of Arcade Fire), his live shows are said to be dazzling through his use of looped violins and stomping pedals – and this stop off at the Deaf Institute is likely to live up to these expectations.

Tue 15 Jul, The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor Street,, M1 7HE, Tel: 0161 276 9350, 7.30pm, £12.50, www.seetickets.com

Tue 15 Jul
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Mon 14 Jul 2014