‘Influential’ is a term bandied about for plenty of music makers, but few are agreed upon by the masses. One of the exceptions to this is composer Philip Glass, who plenty will consent to the fact he is one of the finest American artists the late 20th century has produced. He describes himself as a Classicist and his works include symphonies, operas, concertos, string quartets, film scores and has collaborated with artists such as Woody Allen and David Bowie. He began playing in lofts and galleries with bare and experimental sounds; his landmark pieces (including Einstein on the Beach) allowing him the title of game changer in the world of classical music. This is a rare chance to witness an artist well on his way to gaining a spot in the history books of contemporary music; take it.

Mon 10 Nov, The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, M1 5BZ. Tel: 0161 907 9000, 8pm, £23 – £33 (£15 student tickets available), www.bridgewater-hall.co.uk

Mon 10 Nov
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Wed 5 Nov 2014