Ince’s comedy shows have always included something extra; they’re clever, often political and frequently involve a lot of bad book-reading – not to mention stars like TV’s Brian Cox and Bad Science guy, Ben Goldacre. These guest spots came about a few years back when arts graduate Ince found his interest in science renewed. Keen to share his passion with others he began to incorporate it into specially curated shows with special guests – not just fellow science-curious comedians but also actual scientists. Guests for shows such as School for Gifted Children and Carols For Godless People have included cryptography specialist Simon Singh, atheist poster boy Richard Dawkins and the forementioned campaigning GP and Guardian columnist Ben Goldacre, and Ince’s favourite physicist/comedy straight man Brian Cox – with whom he’s presented BBC Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage. It sounds like an odd combination but it works. Playing to a broad audience base, The Importance of Being Interested, Ince’s latest show, takes a witty and intelligent look at the work of Charles Darwin, Richard Feynman and Aristotle.

Tue 14 May, Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 2RL, Tel: 01257 264362, 7.30pm, £12,

Tue 14 May
Marissa Burgess
Published on:
Sun 12 May 2013