The philosophical writings of 19th Century existentialist Soren Kierkegaard rarely lend themselves to comedy – hitherto the only comedic mentioning of his name is in Wayne Campbell’s attempt to woo Cassandra in Cantonese in the first Wayne’s World film. In order to change the way we think about the Danish thinker’s philosophies, and to prove once more that he is the most innovative comic currently in existence, Simon Munnery will be going through the various works of Kierkegaard to mine the comedy gold therein. Expect something akin to Adam Buxton’s BUG shows, but instead of going through bizarre internet doings, Munnery will be reading extracts from Kierkegaard’s musings on theology and more, and making them funny. As Kierkegaard (and later Wayne Campbell) once said: ‘Once you label me, you negate me.’ This is definitely a show that’s impossible to label.

Fri 8 May, Gorilla, 54/56 Whitworth Street West, M1 5WW, 7.30pm, £10,

Fri 8 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 5 May 2015