Salford’s new alternative art and performance venue, Idle Chatter hosts the Small and Amazing festival this November. The venue is a formerly disused industrial unit space in Salford behind Islington Mill. It is being run by a collective of artists who are putting on events which include original new art, experimental music and performance pieces, such as The Small and Amazing festival. Musical highlights include Padang Food Tigers, a folky London duo, and Austrian musician Michael Fischer who combines saxophone and electronics to captivating effect. For visual stimulus, international artists Rie Nakajima, Pierre Berthelt and Lee Patterson showcase work that pushes the edges of sound, sculptures, instrument making and performing. Also on the agenda is a collaboration between artist/designer Brian Crabtree, musician Rodrigo Constanzo and juggling master Gilligan.

Sun 13 Nov, Idle Chatter, Unit 5 Regent Trading Estate, Oldfield Road, Salford M5 4DE. 5.30pm, £7/£5,

Sun 13 Nov
Tom Frodsham
Published on:
Sun 13 Nov 2016