Want your friends to respect your authority on all things South Park? Hula’s South Park Quiz might be just the thing for you, mmmkay? Test your knowledge of this legendary foul-mouthed cartoon series, which last year broadcast its 20th season. Hula will lubricate your brain with a special South Park-themed cocktail menu, and in honour of Chef and Cartman’s favourite nibbles, contestants will enjoy free chocolate salty balls and cheesy poofs. Afterwards, instead of declaring “screw you guys, I’m going home”, stick around for C.U.M (C U Monday), Hula’s brand new Monday night music and cocktail party. Enjoy 2-for-£10 deals on Hula’s favourite cocktails, plus deals on beer, Jägerbombs and Zombie bombs. It’s all soundtracked by an eclectic mix of tunes by DJ Big Bad Day Day.

Mon 10 Jul, Hula, 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB. 7pm, team tickets start at £4, www.billetto.co.uk

Mon 10 Jul
Wire Editor
Published on:
Sun 9 Jul 2017