As much as the internet hype game churns out more ‘next big thing’s than ever, occasionally bloggers manage to hit the nail right on the head. Jungle have very little in the way of hard facts at the moment, but in terms of artists that are going to dictate the sound of the next couple of years, they’re one of the most important bands you’re going to hear this year. Mixing classic RnB hooks with a frighteningly future-facing production style and heaps of groove, this is Jungle’s first ever headline show. Akin to other hyped acts, Jungle only have four songs online. Picked up by mega influential tastemaker label Chess Club (Swim Deep, Post War Years), first release Platoon / Drops has quickly become a collectors item. Rough Trade say that Platoon “conjures up an alluring sound of ethereal electronic grooves, bittersweet soul felt melodies and a focus on subtlety that is both beguiling and mesmeric.” The Guardian’s Paul Lester meanwhile introduces their sound as “somehow texturally rich yet austere, with an atmosphere and a voice that suggest authority and gravitas despite the context of music designed essentially to make you have fun and dance”. We agree. This is indeed a new indie band to get excited about. The same, sold-out fate that is beckoning for follow up single The Heat long before it reaches release date on 21 October. Check out the video below.

Thu 10 Oct, The Roadhouse, 8 Newton Street, M1 2AN. Tel: 0161 237 9789. 7.30pm, £6,

Thu 10 Oct
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 6 Oct 2013