As it’s clear now that Richard Dawkins has lost the plot/eaten ALL the peyote (skip to 5 mins in) we need someone else to start trying to explain the universe. Aiming to achieve just such a feat are legendary post punk band The Membranes, who with a lot of friends, look to ‘blow your mind AND explain everything you needed to know about the universe in one incredible gig’. A very special event that combines interviews with leading scientists, art experiments, writers, poets and of course The Membranes, it will contain both complex ideas about the origins of the universe with brilliant music, film and conversation. Billed as the best gig since the beginning of time (in this universe, anyway), they may well be right – as long as particle ping pong is what we think it is. Visit for the full line-up.

Sat 20 Jul, Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street, M1 5WW. Tel: 0161 407 0301, 6pm, £12,

Sat 20 Jul
John Stansfield
Published on:
Wed 26 Jun 2013