There’s not a lot that Lorcan Kan cannot do. Cooking up Southeast Asian-inspired dinner plates one minute, and getting stuck in with green fingers and thumbs at Platt Fields Market Garden the next – the food he produces (both in the kitchen and in the garden) is nothing short of perfection.

Lucky for us, Lorcan (AKA Things Palace) has another new event on the horizon, pairing up with new natural wine restaurant Isca Wines. After a sell-out supper club for their first collaboration, these two Manchester indies had no other choice but to pair up again to bring the people what they want: ridiculously good grub and the perfect glass to wash it down with.

On the 24th August, these two magnificent Manchester independents collide to deliver an event like no other (apart from the one that sold out last week). Six dishes across four courses, for just £35 per person, alongside a selection of fine wine by the glass or by the bottle.

Notorious for his delectable use of ferments and fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Things Palace combines Malaysian-style dishes with homegrown English produce to deliver plates that pack a piquant punch. Previous menu highlights include Congee (a type of rice porridge) – served with lionsmane mushrooms poached in chilli butter, home-pickled orache seeds and toasted sesame – and homegrown asparagus plated up with Malaysian sambal (big yum) and a cooked whole egg sauce.

The young chef has quite the repertoire under his belt, having worked in acclaimed restaurants across the globe – including Stockport’s famous eatery Where The Light Gets In. The craft and dedication that goes into every Things Palace plate is magnificent, and we can only assume that Lorcan has a store cupboard that would us ridiculously envious.

So, who better to partner up with than Natural wine and organic food restaurant Isca Wines?

Based in Levenshulme, Isca Wines was founded by local sommelier Caroline Dubois and chef Isobel Jenkins – a pair with a beating passion for ethically-sourced, low-interference, natural wines. Dedicated to sustainable production and complete ingredient transparency, Isca offers natural wine by the bottle or by the glass in their store-slash-bar on Stockport Road, as well as home-cooked food, coffee and kombucha.

The event will come in two sitting of 12 guests – one at 6pm, and one at 8pm. There are only limited tables remaining – so you better be sharpish about it!

Tue 24 Aug, Isca,
Isca Wines, 825 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3PN
, £76-£151
Sophie Cunningham
Published on:
Wed 18 Aug 2021