Sheffield production company Forced Entertainment returns to contact this month with Tomorrow’s Parties. The play follows two actors, both surrounded by light, who try to speculate what tomorrow will bring through a multitude of hypothetical futures. In doing so, the performance explores visions of utopian and dystopian sci-fi scenarios, political nightmares and absurd fantasies. Combining all these elements together, the audience is carried through the production on a tide of conjectures and dreams. Through the well-worn narratives the piece moves out into different directions to other speculations such as the realistic, the personal and the fantastical. The company’s six artists have been working together since 1984, attempting to explore what theatre and performance can mean in modern day life. Watch the Tomorrow’s Parties trailer below.

Wed 30 Oct – Fri 1 Nov, Contact, Oxford Road, M15 6JA, 8pm, £14 (£8 concessions),

Wed 30 Oct - Fri 1 Nov
Steven Brown
Published on:
Mon 28 Oct 2013