Back in 1992, American author Donna Tartt released her debut novel, The Secret History, which unbeknownst to her was to help define a generation. A murder mystery but told in reverse, the story of classics students dabbling in the dark world of Dionysian rites became an overnight sensation, and it wasn’t long before its universal allure became clear as Tartt’s name became known internationally. It’s been 21 years since the release of The Secret History, and 11 since her last novel, The Little Friend, but Tartt’s back on the literary scene with some hotly-anticipated new material, The Goldfinch. True to form, Tartt’s latest work looks set to engage its readers with the difficult themes of loss, obsession, survival and self-intervention to create something as haunting as the material she began with all those decades ago. In celebration of Tartt’s return, Waterstones are teaming up with The Manchester Literature Festival to present an evening with the acclaimed author, who will be discussing her new work. Despite her reputation, which still enjoys global magnitude, Tartt herself isn’t known for her public appearances, meaning that this is an event absolutely not to be missed.

Mon 18 Nov, St Ann’s Church, St Ann’s Square, Tel: 0161 837 3000, M2 7LF, 7pm, £8 (£5 for Waterstones Cardholders),

Mon 18 Nov
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Mon 18 Nov 2013