Following a successful, sold out first outing at YES, babyrocksampler returns this June for a second instalment at Band On The Wall. Designed for parents and carers who may struggle to get to as many gigs as they’d like to, the latest edition sees a visit from festival favourites, the sci-fi themed sonic explorers Henge. Based in Manchester – via “home planet of Agricular in Cosmos Redshift 7” – Henge come in peace, and in possession of a new genre of music: Cosmic Dross. Regulars on the North West circuit, the band have recently released debut LP Attention Earth! and have been busy dot-to-dotting across festivals such as BlueDot, Beat-Herder and Cloudspotting. Attendees can also look forward to getting their hands on their range of baby merchandise. Reflecting an eclectic approach to music, acts for babyrocksampler aim to introduce little ones to music in a new exciting way, also performing twice on the same day. The events offer suitable ear protection for all ages, performed at a reduced volume and in a relaxed, bright environment, complete with a host, along with breastfeeding break-out areas. Co-producer Amalie Briden has commented on the event: “We are so excited to make babyrocksampler a reality for parents and carers who really do feel they are missing out on hearing the newest music. For a city that prides itself on its musical heritage and opportunities, we felt that it was crying out for some shows you can bring young kids to, that take place in the daytime, but don’t dilute the quality of the music”.

Sat 8 Jun, Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, M4 5JZ. Tel: 0161 834 1786, 1pm, £5 – £10,

Sat 8 Jun
Rich Holmes
Published on:
Sun 2 Jun 2019