She’s been the operatic voice of an angel, an award winning talk show host and was the tabloid darling of the 2000’s. Now Charlotte Church is back in a new show for 2017 with a reinvented set list added to the mix. The Late Night Pop Dungeon show stars Church as her alter ego, the Grand High Executionatrix. She’s the dungeon mistress in charge of the show with the help of her energetic live band performing the greatest pop tunes that time forgot and others that will forever haunt our collective memory. Safe to say, the show will be an unpredictable selection of modern pop anthems like you’ve never heard them before, amped up by Church’s powerful vocals. So if you’re expecting a show of Church’s soft opera classics and an ambient mood, think again, ‘Pop Dungeon’ promises to be the exact opposite, a full steam ahead show of hardcore, high-energy live music you’ll never forget.

Thu 13 Apr, Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 5WW. Tel 0161 826 2998, 6.30pm, £14,

Thu 13 Apr
Tom Frodsham
Published on:
Sun 9 Apr 2017