Hit the Groove’s Record and Discussion Club premieres in the intimate surroundings of the Alphabet Brewing Company’s tap room. Each month, two vinyl records will be played in their completeness, allowing the audience to indulge and discuss, kicking off with legendary albums Talking Heads – Remain in Light and LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver. Music generates conversation, spewing forth from anywhere where people are gathered together to listen to it, and although the concept of a music discussion group has been around for decades, the platform for that discussion has shifted in recent years, gravitating from the record store to the virtual world music forum. Spotting a niche that the current social landscape isn’t truly filling, creators Ohr x orips & hughes have decided to strip the music forum back to its roots in the non virtual world. Their vision is to reconnect the audience with the experience of listening to and appreciating a vinyl album in its entirety, while creating a space to generate discussion and debate. And with the thirst for vinyl growing among younger collectors, there rises a new desire for questions to be answered and knowledge to be shared. It’s like a book club for vinyl records, and all in the safe and intimate surroundings of the tap room, no trolls allowed!

Sun 9 Dec, The Tap Room, Alphabet Brewing Company , 99 N Western St , Manchester, M12 6JL, 4-7pm, £5, www.partyforthepeople.org

Sun 9 Dec
Olive Denneny
Published on:
Mon 26 Nov 2018