Manchester-formed four-piece MONEY continue to demonstrate the raw talent that this rainy city develops. Signed onto Bella Union (John Grant, Mercury Rev, PINS), this band had grown a devoted fan base that led to them selling out gigs before punters even had the chance to buy their first single. Their performances feel intimate no matter the venue they happen to be playing in; vocalist Jamie Lee emitting an air of melancholy and beauty as his output flows over the band’s heartfelt instrumentals. Their latest record Suicide Songs is a powerful, delicate yet epic selection of tracks that engulf the listeners in a sombre spell.

Fri 22 Apr, O2 Ritz, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5NQ. Tel: 0161 236 3234, 7pm, £11,

Fri 22 Apr
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Fri 22 Apr 2016