The Northern Quarter has been one of the success stories of the revitalisation of the centre of Manchester and the walking tours of Hayley Flynn (aka The Skyliner) look deeper at what makes the area such a creative hub. Discussing not only of triumphs in architecture and heritage but real issues facing the city today from social justice to public spaces, the tours explore the transformation of the Northern Quarter since the 1970s when it was in decline following the launch of Manchester’s Arndale Centre. The area, the one with the highest density of protected buildings in the city, was cited by cultural icon Tony Wilson in the early 1990s as being ‘our Detroit’ owing to a mass evacuation of businesses. Abandoned and ruined, public art helped to turn the area around from 1998 onwards. The tour explores ceramic art trails and modern street, weaving together the narrative of a part of the city that continues to reinvent itself.

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Sun 17 Mar - Sun 4 Aug
John Stansfield
Published on:
Wed 26 Jun 2019