Beneath the popular façade of the counter-culture revolution – a tapestry of pacifist rhetoric and permissive sexuality – there was something much more important and vital going on: Not in politics – the revolution’s lofty aims were quickly abandoned – but in the intersectionality of the arts. Perhaps for the first time, artists at the fringe of society were encouraged to work together, to produce something bigger than the sum of its parts – and it’s this communal spirit that will be lovingly homaged in a series of ‘Super Weird Happenings’, the first of which will be taking place at Manchester’s Gorilla. The mammoth 8-hour event opens with a conversation between writer/broadcaster Lemn Sissay, DJ Greg Wilson and musician Kermit Leveridge, this is followed by a roster of guest DJs and musicians – including the set from Leveridge’s latest project Blind Arcade – before Wilson closes the night with a three-hour DJ set. The music is accompanied with a programme of visual arts including photograph and multimedia presentations. Entry to this celebration of counter culture can be yours for a mere ten pounds: The love may be free, but entry is ticketed.

Sat 20 Sep, Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WW, 8pm, £10,

Sat 20 Sep
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Mon 15 Sep 2014