The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble were raised on a strict diet of jazz, funk and Black Consciousness by legendery composer and AACM co-founder. The eight brothers started rehearsals at 6am each morning; developing not only their technique but their cohesions as a group. This greatly extolled film celebrated that journey from disciplined youths to successful ensemble, collaborating with the likes of Mos Def and playing Jazz festivals across the world. This freedom and success posed moral dilemmas and questioned the roots of their upbringing – it’s this struggle which filmmaker Reuben Atlas sheds light on in this documentary. Your evening meal is included in this remarkably good value ticket price.

Tue 17 Mar, Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, The Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 5JZ. Tel: 0161 834 1786, 7.30pm,  £8 (including free food!)

Tue 17 Mar
Thomas Ingham
Published on:
Mon 16 Mar 2015