May 2014 will see an exhibition from New York’s performance artist Clifford Owens, but to make this possible he’s currently on the prowl for participants. Well known for his use of audience engagement, Owens stretches his style across the media of performance and photography, and his work as previously involved themes of black performance art and influences from the body-centred performance artists of the 60s. His latest work, Photographs with an Audience, will take people from across Manchester, bring them together in one large room and urge them to respond to improvised situations. Owens will then photograph the audience, allowing them to become the artwork. Calling upon the average Joes of the city, no special skills are required to take part; instead, this is an opportunity to become an integral component of an improvised, unpredictable and experimental process designed to test boundaries and create something entirely new.

Tue 15 – Wed 16 Oct, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, M1 5NH, Tel: 0161 200 1500, 6.30pm – 8.30pm,

Tue 15 Oct - Wed 16 Oct
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Mon 14 Oct 2013